About SIS

The School of International Studies (SIS), Communication University of China, is one of the earliest institutes engaging in the teaching and researches of foreign languages and cross-cultural studies. With the enduring efforts made by generations of scholars in the past 70 years, the School has built strong academic traditions and accumulated invaluable historical experiences and thus made itself as a leading and influential teaching and research base in the fields of foreign languages and cross-cultural studies in China. 

The long process of academic discipline construction, teaching and research practices has produced some distinguished scholars and researchers. The School has 128 faculty members, including 8 professors and 38 associate professors. Among the faculty, 39 members are PhD holder. Since 2000, the faculty members have published 150 academic books and over 1500 articles in academic journals. The SIS has secured a number of project grants from the National Social Science Foundation, ministerial and municipal Social Science Foundations and International organizations. 

The SIS had its roots in the department of foreign languages founded in 1950s. Over the past 70 years, SIS has established 23 majors in foreign languages, translation and cross-cultural studies. In December 2017, School of International Studies, CUC launched English Taught MA and PhD programs in Cross-cultural studies. Currently, The SIS offers 22 majors for undergraduate students,5 MA programs, and English taught MA and PhD programs in cross-cultural studies. 

In the past seventy years, the SIS has produced a great number of talents, engaging in a variety of works, such as media, foreign affairs, and administrative affairs and made great contribution to the development of the media industry in China. 

The SIS has been maintaining good relations with domestic and international academic institutes and established regular cooperative mechanisms for information and personnel exchanges and organized influential international conferences. 

The School has already established regular academic exchange programs with more than 20 prestigious universities and research institutes. It has established bases with China Film Cooperation, China Central Television, China Radio International. This SIS provides an ideal place for students to study, research and practice.